The Smilinggg Smile-athon in Association with World Mental Health Day

The Smilinggg Smile-athon 2017 TOTAL MONEY RAISED = £344.07 

A BIG thank you to everyone who donated, those who joined James at Goldsmiths Leisure Centre and to those who helped spread positive energy by completing their very own Smilinggg mile.

The Smile-athon Story

Each year World Mental Health Day (WMHD) is celebrated on October 10th. The overall objective of WMHD is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilise efforts in support of mental health.

As part of Smilinggg’s continued work to make a healthy, happy, and positive difference within the world, founder James Cooper deemed this day perfect to launch The Smilinggg Smile-athon in association with World Mental Health Day.

Smilinggg from Sunrise to Sunset

On Tuesday 10th October 2017, I’ll be Smilinggg from sunrise (7:15am) to sunset (6:15pm) at Goldsmith’s running track in Crowborough, East Sussex.

I’d love it if you could join me to complete your very own Smilinggg Mile.

Many of my friends are scattered all over the world. So I’d love on this day to create a wave of Smilinggg milers. For you guys and girls and for everyone unable to attend Goldsmith’s on this day, simply perform your Smilinggg Mile, snap a selfie, post on Facebook / Instagram: “Completing my #Smilinggg Mile for the Smile-athon in association with the #WorldMentalHealthDay” with a link to this donation page.

For every Smilinggg Mile completed, please consider a suggested Smilinggg donation of £1.

This money goes straight to the wonderful Mental Health Charity: Mind. ~ James Cooper via Facebook (9/10/2017)

An Idea Actioned

The initial idea came to James on Friday 6th October 2017 whilst meditating; just four days before the intended event. So it was a case of trying to generate as much exposure and awareness as possible within the short time frame.

What an incredible day!

I won’t share with you the exact word I used when I stepped out of bed this morning, but let’s just say the sore legs and lower back are well worth it.

The Smile-athon idea only came to me last Friday. So I guess I firstly owe social media and Facebook a thanks. What a platform to help connect people and drive messages and awareness of worthy causes and events.

Thanks also to everyone that helped turn this idea into a reality. A like, comment and share really helps propel things in cyber space... so thank you!

The BIGGEST thank you must go to the Smilinggg miler’s, the donators and the legends pictured (minus a couple more who I didn’t manage to snap a selfie with!)

I managed to step and smile my way around the running track 178 times, reaching a total distance of 71km / 44 miles. It’s safe to say time went far more quickly when I was joined by friends for their Smilinggg miles.

I’m delighted to report that at the time of writing, The #Smilinggg Smile-athon has raised £189.32 for Mind: The Mental Health Charity and has hopefully raised awareness of both Smilinggg and its simple yet highly effective daily practice The Smilinggg Mile.

I’d still like to encourage further donations to push past that £200 milestone. I’ll be keeping the online donation page open for the rest of October.

Thanks again for the support and please continue to help spread awareness of The Smilinggg Mile to those who you feel might just benefit.

Steps + Smiles

James ~ James Cooper via Facebook (11/10/2017)

With The Smilinggg Smile-athon to be a yearly event on October 10th, we hope each subsequent Smile-athon can grow in popularity of both participants and money raised. What we have been really pleased with is how this event has encouraged not only donations but for many people to talk openly about their mental health.

We all experience mental health in the very same way as physical health. It’s on a sliding scale and we are all susceptible to mental injuries in the very same way as physical injuries. With full recognition and understanding of this, it becomes far easier to talk about our own mental health. After all, Mind matters most! Let’s all contribute to the conversation with compassion and love. ~ James Cooper via Virgin Money Giving page (9/10/2017)

The Smilinggg Smile-athon 2018: Wednesday 10th October 2018

More information will be released nearer the time, but it is more than likely the event will follow a similar format to the inaugural Smile-athon. 

Can you support our next Smile-athon?

If you would be interested in supporting The Smilinggg Smile-athon in 2018 in some capacity whether a local business or a member of the public, please fill out your details below.

Smile-athon 2017