Online Coaching

Online coaching for beginners into the world of Endurance. I offer tailored coaching packages whether you’re looking to tackle your very first 5K or toe the start line of a marathon. 

Whatever your aspirations, get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation call by filling out the online form below 😊.

Steps + Smiles


“At the age of 50, I entered the London Marathon, my first marathon. Though I’m a qualified PT, I am inexperienced in run training. James coached me through 4 months of preparation. Both physically and equally as important, mentally. His knowledge and support were invaluable. I can be a fairly negative individual who doesn’t take compliments well, but James is sincere in his praise, hugely encouraging and has a gift for turning negatives in to genuine positives, without being remotely patronising. I completed the marathon in under 4 hours. Something I don’t believe would have been possible without James’s skill, experience, encouragement and support.
” ~ Marcus Goodsell