Smilinggg Technical Running Vest (Unisex)

Smilinggg Technical Running Vest (Unisex)

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Walk, jog or run your Smilinggg miles in comfort with the Smilinggg Technical Running Vest and share smiles, positivity and love with each and every step

£1.80 from EVERY sale of the Smilinggg Technical Running Vest goes towards helping Samaritans carry out their vision and mission.

Yellow | 100% moisture wicking polyester technical running vest. | Unisex | Super-soft technical fabric | Driwick Moisture Management System | 

Our Smilinggg Technical running vests are made from high quality technical fabric. The fabric is softer than ever before and performs superbly when worn. Dri-wicking technical material draws moisture from the skin and helping it to evaporate to prevent overheating to keep the garment and the runner / smiler dry.