Universal Truths

There are so many universal truths in life that can be applied to running long distances. There are many truths to be found in running long distances that can be applied to life.

Comparison is the thief of joy. I went into GOBYU with a specific strategy and game plan. To run my own race. To pace it to the point that it couldn't be any easier if I tried. Hard would arrive. Intensity would come knocking. Time would take care of that. But I knew a key component to a successful race would be to delay the onset of difficulty.

45-minute loops equate to roughly a 10-minute mile. Easy enough for some time, but that'll catch up on you. Instead what if I made the decision to run 14-minute miles. That's a huge difference in terms of intensity. Granted I'd have less time to rest between loops, but who needs much rest at that pace?

It made sense. It was simple. But it wasn't always easy to do. Seeing everyone flying off down the course. I had to remain disciplined and remind myself of the long game. To not compare myself with any of the other competitors.

There's no runners high to be found at 14-minute mile pace. The early loops were a complete slog. Trusting the process and accepting a monotony that remained for the best part of day one.

I compared it to an FA Cup run. You can't reach the Cup Final without taking care of the earlier rounds. I knew the race would begin at 24-hours. The early rounds had to be built in discipline, faith and avoiding comparing myself to any of the other competitors.

Fortunately on this occasion I was able to find the joy in following my own path to the final.

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