The Clockwork Nature of the Backyard

Captured during one of the thirty-four aid station breaks from last weekend.

The S*Wagon proved perfect for this job.

I love routine and structure - within a couple of loops I had everything structured to maximise recovery and minimise hassle.

Finish loop around 49/50 minutes. Trot off to the WC. Return. Slide door open. Fill up my water bottle. Rummage in my chest of food. Eat something. Sit in my chair. Rest my feet on the entrance area. Close my eyes and bring attention to my breath. Slow things down before getting myself mentally prepared for the next loop.

I’d hear the three minute whistle. Start internalising some sort of motivational mantra. It was often “Stay in the fight.” I’d hear the two minute whistle. I’d stand up. Shake the legs out. Collect my water. Eat a little more. I’d hear the one minute whistle.

I’d slide the door closed. Plan what I might fancy to eat on the next loop break and slowly make my way back to the corral.

It was like clockwork. Well I guess it was clockwork. I fell into the perfect rhythm.

I loved every single second. Even when I wasn’t loving every single second.

Steps 👣 + Smiles 🤗

Keep #Smilinggg 💛

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