Smilinggg Mile PR Attempt...

Join me at the running track as I attempt to break my 1-mile personal record (PR). I’m more of a long distance runner but I thought the perfect way to kickstart The Smilinggg Daily Vlog with the very first episode would be to try and beat my existing 1-mile run PR that currently stands at 5 minutes 38 seconds.

My Dad was also at the track aiming to break his own 5K PR...

::: 242 of 366 ::: #Smilinggg366 ::: 

I’ve been running every single day in 2020, and I’ve clocked up 2,072 miles prior to today’s 1-mile run PR attempt. The Smilinggg 366 Challenge will see me run at least 5k every day this year. Why not join me for the last 100 days of 2020 by committing to Smilinggg Daily.

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