Smilinggg 366 - On the other side

"Ok Google... OK Google... OK GOOGLE!!" 😏 Play @caamp on Spotify.

Block 3 Day 6 runni... Sorry Smilinggg 12-miles a day for the next couple of weeks.

I found my shortest shorts (more out of necessity than choice - clothes wash overdue), my smilinggg running vest, flipped the cap backwards and asked for a couple of 'candid' photos for the gram as I embarked on today's 12.

I'm finally finding my feet and my groove on this latest block. Momentum is so important. That's found through consistency. But consistency initially is so hard to find.

I find after my 7-day absorption phase which consists of half the distance and half the frequency of the previous building block. I've lost the momentum. You'd think after somewhat of a 7-day hiatus I'd be raring to go but quite frankly that isn't the case.

This is where I rely on discipline to get me back on track with a side of grace. Simplifying routes, trying to accept the resistance and having what I'd call a small ounce of wisdom to know the task will get easier once the first few days have been overcome.

So now I'm out here getting these latest steps and smiles in with a big smile on my face and quite frankly couldn't be any happier. Would I have been feeling this marvellous if I hadn't had to trunch my way through the sloth like steps and smiles?

Just another personal reminder to lean on discipline when the resistance is real and to soak in the internal sunshine when the Smilinggg miles are well and truly welcome.

I'm going to return to singing at the top of my lungs and get these final 4 and a bit miles wrapped up.

Running at an intensity that allows you to sing pretty much guarantees that you're working at an aerobic effort. The perfect effort for these 14-day building blocks and for anyone looking to build consistency in their running.

Have a great weekend πŸ™

Steps πŸ‘£ + Smiles πŸ€—

Keep #Smilinggg πŸ’›

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