Smilinggg 366 - Block 7 in the bag!

Block 7 in the bag! A very drenched bag I might add 🌧️ 💼

What a way to end the block.

Finishing 18-miles at 7pm Friday and rolling out of bed at 5am this morning, sinking a coffee and pancakes and hitting the same trails for 26.2 of the most consistently wet miles I’ve experienced. The rain didn’t stop from start to finish.

44.2 miles within a 15 hour period. Today was a bit of a slog. Wet, dark and slow. Under fuelled and by the back 3 miles was feeling pretty agitated.

Nothing a hot shower and 175g of Frosties with a brew can’t fix.

Next stop? Work for 8-hours 💀 😂

Now to absorb this final full 14-day build. I’m in the dentist chair on Monday for gum surgery. Which requires no running for a week to aid the healing process. Hence the reason I booked it in at the start of a recovery week.

Beyond then, I need to figure out the best strategy to start tapering throughout December to be fresh and ready to dive head first into The Smilinggg Challenge for 2024 which begins January 1st. A few people are getting a sniff as to what it entails, but all will be revealed mid-December to allow enough time for anyone and everyone to formulate their own version of The Smilinggg Challenge for 2024.

Quick mention and reflection of Block 7. It’s been the smoothest block since the blocks began back at the start of July. No resistance. Just consistency, and a major attitude of gratitude throughout. What a privilege being able to do this is, and somehow a sense of following and fulfilling one’s destiny.

Happy Saturday!

Steps 👣 + Smiles 🤗

Keep #Smilinggg 💛

Block 7 Stats.

Total Distance = 260.42 miles | Total Duration = 36 hours 52 minutes | Total Elevation = 10,183 feet |

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