Smilinggg 366 - Block 5 Done!

That's a wrap on Block 5 🎬

22-miles this morning rounds out another successful building block.

It's easy to only see where you're at in this moment, and forget how far you've come.

I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for this smilinggg journey. I'm proud that I've never given up on it and only now, approaching 9 years since its birth, I'm starting to believe that we are on the cusp of something truly special.

Time will tell. But I'm doing all I can in the meantime to be ready to start something pretty big.

Anyways, enough about that. This block has seen me just finish a 112 mile week, which I'm almost certain is my biggest week of running ever? Thank you body for staying with me.

Block 5 Round Up.
- Distance ran: 217.4 miles - Time elapsed: 31 hours 5 minutes - Elevation climbed: 9,566 ft elevation -

Now for an extra special absorption week in Kos, Greece. Let's try and put some weight on before Block 6 commences.

I hope you've had a great week, stepping and smilinggg to your own rhythm.

Steps 👣 + Smiles 🤗

Keep #Smilinggg 💛

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