Smilinggg 366 - Another one

All smiles this Sunday 😁

Three goals and three points away at The Den for @leedsunited and the successful completion of Block 4. 💪

Thirteen Half Marathons and a 20-miler comprised block 4 and I'm delighted to report it's been a beautiful journey. I've grown into the two-weeks and observed next to no resistance towards any of the outings. My cadence and general running flow is progressing and fitness on the up. 🫡

I did have my first slight concern with a sore heel that I've monitored for a few days earlier in the block, but more pleasing was being able to witness how my mind has a tendency to catastrophise small hiccups. *Mind notices sore heel* "Oh god my dreams are over!" No irrational mind of James. Your dreams aren't over... just take a breath and stop being a drip. Can anyone else relate? 🫠

Anyways, with that said... below are the statistics from the past couple of weeks. 📊

Total Distance = 190.7 miles | Total Elevation = 7,414 ft | Total Duration = 26 hours 46 minutes | 😎

Thanks for following along... Time to take stock, allow the body to absorb the block, give the mind some downtime and come back harder, better, faster, stronger. 🏃

Steps 👣 + Smiles 🤗

Keep #Smilinggg 💙💛🤍

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