Smileathlon 2018: Final Smilinggg Mile

This morning’s final Smilinggg Mile meet up marked such a fitting end to a week I will never forget.

A HUGE thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to slowly step and smile around the track for four final laps. I even managed it without the crutches!

I’m slowly but surely working my way through the unbelievable amounts of supportive comments/messages and replying to each and every one across Facebook, Instagram and Strava.

The donations continue to flow in and at the time of writing, we have reached 94% of the fundraising target. A whopping £5,618.42 (£6,598.33 inc Gift Aid) has been sent to Mind and Samaritans. So another BIG thanks for your generosity.

Today not only marks the end of The Smileathlon 2018 Challenge but it also concludes Mental Health Awareness Week.

The Smilinggg mission intends to make every day about Mental Health, and as a way to continue this, for the next three months, 100% of all profits from the sale of Smilinggg merchandise via The Smilinggg Store at will be added to The Smileathlon 2018 Fundraising Page.

It’s now time to rest and reflect, and put plans in place to build on this wonderful chapter. It wouldn’t have been possible without your generous donations, words of encouragement and general love and support. I’m grateful beyond words. Thank you.

Steps + Smiles



The Smileathlon story and to donate and support Mind and Samaritans:

Original Facebook Post: Click Here

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