Smileathlon 2018 Day Four

Day four 

Right now every day is a combination of heaven and hell. The swim and the bike are many moments of pure bliss; with the run/walk/crawl unpleasant at best.

I’m constantly reminding myself to enjoy the pleasant moments while they last and endure, learn and grow through the periods of pain and suffering. When I’ve mastered this, I’ll tell you how! 

So onto the stats

Swim: 1 hour 35 minutes / 3,800m
Bike: 7 hours 37 minutes / 180.6km
Run: 8 hours 56 minutes / 42.3km

And the big one...

Current fundraising total, £4,703.77 (£5,530.02 inc Gift Aid)

A humongous thank you for the donations, words of encouragement and general support. 

Last but not least, Smilinggg and the Smilinggg Mile celebrated its third birthday on Thursday. It all seems rather fitting that it coincides with this particular week. So here’s to Smilinggg 🍻😊

The Smileathlon story and to support Mind and Samaritans:

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