Running is Beautiful.

Running is beautiful. Sometimes the best thing we can do is tie our laces and set off from our front door with little idea of where our run will take us. Clearing our head and strengthening our heart. Today was one of those runs. Leaving my apartment in Royal Tunbridge Wells, I ventured on varying terrain from Town pavements and roads to woodland trails and dirt. I hope you enjoy this short running vlog shot on the GoPro Hero 8 from my 244th consecutive run. Steps + Smiles.

::: 244 of 366 ::: #Smilinggg366 ::: 

I’ve been running every single day in 2020, and I’ve clocked up 2,081 miles prior to today’s run. The Smilinggg 366 Challenge will see me run at least 5k every day this year. Why not join me for the last 100 days of 2020 by committing to Smilinggg Daily.

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Steps + Smiles



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