Running Away or Running Towards?

I was asked last night "what am I running away from?" I smiled and responded, "what am I running towards?" This made us all laugh, sip our drinks and move onto the next topic of conversation. Yet I've reflected on it whilst running this morning.

I can answer both questions. When I began running it was definitely to run away and escape the pain of sadness, anger, loss and a whole host of other things.

But that's the thing... Just as we are currently experiencing a change in season, having transitioned from summer to autumn and everything that comes with it; we also experience change within ourselves, far more frequently than seasonal change.

When I run I can still run with that 26-something lad in Vietnam from 2014/15. Processing pain and a future that at the time was full of uncertainty.

Yet running took me from pain and to a place of acceptance, strength, hope and promise. Every time you lace your shoes and take those steps out of the door, you invite your feelings along with you.

Some runs still carry with them the heaviness of aspects of our lives that hurt. On other times, the lightness and freeing joy that accompany every single step.

Ultimately when you run, you can choose to welcome in the very best and most beautiful parts of life as well as the darkest and toughest parts too.

In doing so, the strength and courage in showing up and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable helps us process life and in turn loosens the hold that goes with the notion of "running away from..." and strengthens the notion of "running towards..." and for me, I'm most certainly running towards the best possible version of myself.

Steps 👣 + Smiles 🤗

Keep #Smilinggg 💛🫶

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