Reflections from the Backyard

It's been a few days since my race ended at The World Backyard Team Championships, yet only a few hours since the two Belgian warriors Merijn Geerts and Ivo Steyaert set a new Backyard World Record with 101 completed yards before jointly refusing to continue, and therefore sharing the DNF. That's 420.83-miles (677.26km).

Breaking World Records - redefining what is possible in human potential and breaking down previously held limited beliefs and lifting barriers is so powerful and important as humans continue to progress. It raises the bar, it broadens one's mind and it inspires people to reach higher than ever before. We see it time and time again. When one or in this case two people break a previously unimagined milestone, more people quickly follow. History shows this constantly.

For most of us, we won't ever break world records. Yet, what's even more important than breaking World Records is breaking Personal Records, and here is where I doff my hat to Lazarus Lake, the creator of The Backyard Ultra concept.

Whether you're aspiring to reach one loop, three loops, thirty loops or three hundred loops (never say never 😉), the pursuit of going beyond ones previous best drives us to delve deep within, to shine a light on our deepest and darkest limiting beliefs, to confront ourselves and to go beyond what we believed was ever possible. In that, in that very pursuit lies the greatest of feelings - pride in oneself.

The three G's in Smilinggg work as a team. Gratitude. Generosity. Growth. But today my post highlights in particular the impact the third G has on our wellbeing. Growth. To feel as though you're progressing, fills me with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose and meaning. The growth mindset helps remind that with purposeful practice in a pursuit that you love, your potential to progress is damn near limitless.

There is something incredibly freeing and encouraging about that.

And after all, it's the joy found in the journey, rather than the did not finish destination that holds the key to our happiness.

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