POSTPONED : 24 Hours of Smilinggg

This certainly wasn’t the post I was hoping to share today, but unfortunately The ‘24-Hours of Smilinggg’ Challenge has had to be postponed.

After 9-months, and 2,437 miles successfully ran since January 1st, it seems as though the final peak week of training for ‘24-Hours of Smilinggg’ took me over that fine line from tactically overreaching to the feared state of overtraining.

There’s always a slight worry about how the body will respond to a week of high running volume, and this was why I waited until 1st October before announcing this years fundraiser and opening the donations page. My body responded really well to the 100-mile peak week, and I felt confident that the 12-day taper would get me to the start line as fit as a fiddle.

But unfortunately since late last week I’ve been experiencing a really tight right hip and weakness in my right leg. I remained optimistic that with adequate stretching and recovery that I would be okay. The truth is that since Monday, it has only gotten worse and worse.

Yesterday I went to the track under moonlight for one final jog and to make a final decision. From the first step I was limping. There’s a level of acceptance when it comes to ultra-endurance that you’re going to experience some degree of suffering during a race, but to experience it from the first step, would be incredibly foolish for me to proceed and risk long term damage.

I’m incredibly grateful to those who have already donated to the cause, with Samaritans already receiving £604.00 (£733.75 inc gift aid). But I’d also like to say sorry for not being able to deliver on ‘24-Hours of Smilinggg’ at this time.

I got off the phone to the doctor this morning and she has prescribed a course of ibuprofen to help bring the inflammation down, and advised complete rest for at least a couple of weeks, which I’ll of course adhere to. I’m sure my legs are relishing the rest!

Whilst ‘24-Hours of Smilinggg’ is on temporary hold, #WorldMentalHealthDay remains on Saturday and I’d still love for as many people as possible to walk, jog and run their own Smilinggg Miles. Be sure to tag #Smilinggg on the day.

Thanks as always for your support, and I’ll be sure to document the journey between now and when ‘24-Hours of Smilinggg’ does take place.

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