Peak Week Update

Here we are at day 3 of peak week. From Monday to Thursday my task is to complete 45 minutes of swimming, 4 hours cycling and 90 minutes of running every day for the 4 days.

Monday and Tuesday were successfully navigated and to my amazement, I woke up this morning feeling physically better than I had the previous two days, but having taken to the pool this morning, I recognised the first signs of fatigue creeping in.

My time spent on the 10 day silent retreat back in September is continuing to serve me to this day. It’s provided me with an understanding and level of awareness to try my hardest to remain neutral. Not to chase after pleasures and the attachment this can cause, and also to not run away from pain and suffering... to witness it in a non judgmental way and accept what I am experiencing yet also appreciating the beauty of impermanence and all things both good and bad will with time pass. This is helping me a great deal, in life but particularly during this peak week. So whilst I swam I did my best to accept the fatigue as my reality in the moment, but also reminded myself it’ll pass. Low and behold, it did pass and I finished the swim strongly. By not identifying with the tiredness, nor allowing it to become my identity I created a separation which prevented me from making any rash decision.

The past 114 days on this Smileathlon training journey has taught me so much about, my body, my mind and my sense of self and spirit.

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) reasons why I push myself through Ultra-endurance pursuits is the number of parallels it has with the ultimate endurance challenge; being life.

It’s become apparent to me through experience that I grow during times of suffering and adversity. I learn most about myself when navigating ‘rough seas’. Pushing myself into voluntary adversity provides me with a controlled environment where I can strengthen my resilience, obtain greater understanding of who I am, and build courage, self discipline, and wisdom to face those difficult moments in life that are simply out of ones control yet will inevitably occur.

I’ve been called crazy countless times (all in good spirit I’d like to add) in relation to the 7 Iron Triathlons in 7 Day’s Challenge I’m attempting and I one hundred percent get it. On the face of it, I can appreciate it must seem so. Without understanding ones motive and reasons why it definitely would seem a little crazy, but I hope this rather long essay helps put things into context a little...

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