ONE DAY AWAY: 24 Hours of Smilinggg

So here we go. Rather in keeping with 2020, the build up to this year’s Samaritans fundraiser has been somewhat disjointed. The temporary setback of injury in October long since forgotten about, and after a year of running that has totalled 413-hours, the next 24-hours will be the most important.

I run and fundraise for many reasons. But the reason that stands out above all else is ‘meaning’. It allows me to make sense of a World that as beautiful as it is, has so much pain and suffering in it.

I’m sure you’ve experienced your own fair share of pain, whether your own inner turmoil or having to watch on helplessly at a loved one who goes through their own battle. The emotions that we feel; the joys, the memorable moments; but equally too the pain and the suffering. All of this is what connects us as humans. That’s the greatest beauty of all.

I experience an element of discomfort during these challenges. It’s inevitable. Yet this voluntary adversity pails insignificant compared to the involuntary adversity that so many people are experiencing right now. To know our 24-Hours of #Smilinggg challenge can hopefully help those in their time of need, gives me a deep sense of meaning and helps me on a mental and spiritual level.

But without your generosity, the meaning would be lost. We are edging closer to the £1,000 milestone for Samaritans and I can’t thank you enough. You’ve supported the cause every single year since Smilinggg’s inception back in 2015. If I hadn’t experienced those dark times back then, I’m pretty certain Smilinggg would never have been born.

I’ll be giving everything I have in mind, body, heart and soul tomorrow for those 24-hours and it’ll be for everyone that has faced or is facing their own battle.

The link to the fundraising page is below and every single £1 donated is truly appreciated. Every £5 raised has the power to answer a potentially life-saving call.

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Steps 👣 + Smiles 🤗

☎️ 🗣 Whatever you're going through, call Samaritans free any time, from any phone on 116 123 (UK & ROI).


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