No two loops the same

Remember. No two loops are the same.

There were times out on course that felt great. There were times out on course that felt good. There were times out on course that felt tough. There were times out on course that felt awful.

It was difficult to predict the pattern. A sudden change in energy, a subtle discomfort becoming gross. A pain lifting. As with the warm weekend, perhaps a momentary cloud cover reducing the temperature and the intensity of the midday sun beating down on our necks.

Everything was in a state of flux. Remembering the ever changing nature of both our inner and outer climate provided a sense of trust and faith that however difficult the present moment was; it wasn't set in stone and that the situation could change for the better.

I remember back in 2015 when I was going through my depressive period, and learning about the growth mindset , it was such a beacon of light and hope that circumstances can and will change with purposeful and intentional practice.

Keeping this truth at the forefront of my mind throughout tough times both in life and in last weekends race kept me in the fight when things were difficult.

The intentional practice for this race was to keep moving forward, one step and one smile at a time.

On the flipside, when things felt great, I also smiled and remained humble knowing that this wave at some point would break too.

As with both the backyard and life. No two loops or days are the same. Reminding oneself time and time again that this too shall pass kept me free from falling too deep into what I was experiencing in the moment.

This kept my mind with me when it could have gone against me.

Steps 👣 + Smiles 🤗

Keep #Smilinggg 💛

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