No failures, only feedback...

Smilinggg Vlog #06

In episode 6 of The Road to #Smilinggg Everest, this week I share one of my favourite parables about two wolves at battle within us all. This simple parable shaped my outlook in 2015 whilst going through a difficult period in my life (this period was the catalyst for Smilinggg’s birth).

I speak about the past week of training and how retaining a beginners mind, processing experiences and having a continuous feedback loop to ensure training progresses and doesn’t cause injuries / over training. The theme is no failures, only feedback. An appropriate idea for life. That in its essence is the growth mindset.

I will be attempting to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest on The Stair Climber at Isenhurst gym in Crowborough on Thursday 10th October 2019 in association with #WorldMentalHealthDay and in aid of Samaritans Charity.

Steps + Smiles


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