Limitless Vertical Challenge - Day 5

Join me as I tackle the fifth day of Limitless Vertical Challenge. The goal of the week is to complete as much vertical gain as possible. I’ll be attempting to complete the equivalent of Two Everest Summits (58,058ft) during the seven days in Royal Tunbridge Wells, England.

After day four, I’m currently sat at 33,225 ft of vertical gain. Well and truly beyond Mt. Everest and soaring alongside the Jumbo Jets in the sky. Can I achieve a similar performance on Day 5 to ensure I remain on track towards summiting twice the height of Mt. Everest and achieving the Limitless Level 6 Double Vision goal?

I’m sharing my experience through a vlog at the end of each day.

A BIG thank you to Jamil Coury at Run Steep, Get High and all of the team at Aravaipa Running for creating this fantastic virtual challenge.


#Smilinggg #IAmLimitless


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