Keep moving forward…

The difficult training sessions on any build are the most valuable.

When you're at the back end of your race and digging deeper into the pain cave, it's not the runs that were 'easy' where the conditions were perfect, and the performance was exemplary that you'll reflect on.

No. Rather it's the training sessions where you opted to keep moving forward and overcoming the desire to stop. It's in these moments that you can call upon as a reminder that you can overcome the difficulty, keep pushing on and finish what you started.

Sometimes our physical performance will be limited by conditions beyond our control. Yet it's in these moments that our mental performance can be the star of the show.

It's our mentality that crowns us Champions, beyond our physicality.

The right mindset even during the toughest moments of a race will turn the experience into a win regardless of outcome.

This past Thursday I hit Eastbourne seafront for my long run. The wind from Sovereign Harbour to Holywell at the foot of Beachy Head was unbelievably strong.

The planned workout was 3x Sovereign Harbour to Holywell and back. Totalling 21-miles.

For a few seconds as I looked down at my pace, and realised I was moving far slower than I would be in calmer conditions, I contemplated choosing a different route... Then I remembered what I have shared above and persevered.

The outcome, a stronger mind and body and an experience that'll be stored away in the Smilinggg Treasure Chest to be pulled out at some point on Sunday 23rd April in London (@londonmarathon) no doubt.

Steps 👣 + Smiles 🤗

Keep #Smilinggg 💛

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