GOBYU Reflections Cont.

Well... Where do I even begin?

Firstly I have to say a HUGE thank you to Jane and all of the GOBYU team. From the race directors to the marshalls, to everyone that so selflessly gave their time, energy, love and support to all the runners.

No matter how low the lows got out on course, knowing I was only ever 4.1 miles away from encouraging words, smiles, and support always without fail rejuvenated me to go again.

Secondly, I have to give the utmost respect to all those who stood in the corral and shared the trail and canal path with me. From loop one to the finish. It was an honour to share conversation, steps and smiles.

My strategy for the race was to go as slow as I possibly could. Minimising time in the HQ between loops. This meant that I wasn't able to chat with as many people as I'd have liked. But what stuck with me the most was how friendly and supportive every single runner was when we entered the night loop. The one thing I love about the night loop is the double out and back. Guaranteeing at least 2 opportunities to encourage those passing by. Every single person that passed me wished me well and provided encouraging words. That's something that will stick with me. Yes we all wanted to do our best, but we also wanted to see others do their best. That's a beautiful thing. Something that isn't always prevalent in competitive sporting endeavours.

Shared suffering brings us closer. I feel like we have all forged strong bonds having voluntarily endured and battled to achieve our own personal bests this past weekend.

To the GOBYU class of May 23' - thank you for such an incredible event.

Until next time,

Steps 👣 + Smiles 🤗

Keep #Smilinggg 💛

*I shared this on the GOBYU Facebook page but thought I'd post it on my feed too.

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