6 hours on a stair climber...


The training is hotting up on The Road to Smilinggg Everest Challenge.

In this week’s episode James takes on back to back long stepping sessions. Saturday and Sunday consisted of two 3 hour stair climbing workouts.

Join James for the highs and the many lows of his weekend sessions. Having successfully completed two 90 minute sessions earlier in the week, would James be able to achieve his goal and complete 9 hours on the stair climber for the week?

The Smilinggg Everest Challenge 2019 takes place in Crowborough, East Sussex at Isenhurst Gym. James will be attempting to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest on The Stair Climber machine (around 2,400 Floors).

The challenge is to raise money for Samaritans Charity and raise awareness of Smilinggg and The Smilinggg Mile which focuses on positive mental health through gratitude, generosity and both personal growth and adopting the growth mindset.

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