The Smilinggg Project

Smilinggg Project

As part of our intention to spread and share The Smilinggg Daily Practice on a grander scale. Smilinggg's founder, James Cooper decided the best means to increase awareness of Smilinggg and connect with as many people as possible, was to purchase a camper van, brand the vehicle, and travel around the UK.

JC Smilinggg

This rather nomadic lifestyle and approach allows James to not only increase awareness of Smilinggg and The Daily Practice by simply being on the road, but it also means James can spend time networking and building relations with fellow mental health advocates, charities, personalities, and personally holding Smilinggg meet-ups, where anyone and everyone can take part in completing their Smilinggg mile, whilst chatting with fellow attendees, or what we like to call S*Milers, in a non judgmental and friendly setting.

This birthed The Smilinggg Project. A grassroots project which intends to slowly but surely build Smilinggg communities all around the UK. This community initiative is for those interested in improving their health and happiness and the health and happiness of others.

Smilinggg Tribe

James has a vision, that every county in England will have weekly Smilinggg meet-ups. Where individuals will unite to complete their Smilinggg mile together in their respective cities, towns and villages around the country, followed by a nice warm cuppa and an opportunity to chat about all things mind and body.

James is looking to personally spearhead this movement over the next couple of years, but to achieve these Smilinggg plans, he will need assistance. Together, with your help, we can be the kick starters of this movement. 

Would you like to lead a Smilinggg Weekly Meet-Up?

In whatever capacity, whether being a Smilinggg meet-up leader in your hometown or you work in the media or perhaps you know of somebody who could assist. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of and help grow, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. James will get back to you as soon as he's finished on the bike.

JC Smilinggg on Bike

Would you like Smilinggg to visit your workplace?

In addition to the Smilinggg Meet-Ups, a key component of The Smilinggg Project is for James to visit and hold Smilinggg get-togethers / tea and coffee meet ups at venues around the country, with the intention to share and perform the Smilinggg mile (The Smilinggg Daily Practice) with those in attendance.

Perhaps you work at a nursing home, a hospital, a school, or any alternative venue where this could be of value to the guests and workers.

Please do get in touch to discuss further.

It's perhaps worth noting that The Smilinggg Project is a free community lead project. James is fortunate to be in a position where his work is to spread awareness and introduce and share Smilinggg with as many people as possible.