Introducing Smiler - The Smilinggg Camper

Smilinggg Van

Raising awareness of Smilinggg and The Daily Practice just got a tad easier!

Smilinggg Nationwide... 

As part of our intention to spread and share The Smilinggg Daily Practice on a grander scale. Smilinggg's founder, James Cooper decided the best means to increase awareness of Smilinggg and connect with as many people as possible, was to purchase a camper van, brand the vehicle, and travel around the UK.

This rather nomadic lifestyle and approach allows James to not only increase awareness of Smilinggg and The Daily Practice by simply being on the road, but it also means James can spend time networking and building relations with fellow mental health advocates, charities, personalities, and personally growing and developing The Smilinggg Project.

One of the main goals for James continues to be in raising awareness of Smilinggg and the Smilinggg Daily Practice in particular. An equally important part of Smilinggg is to encourage conversations about our own mental health. After all, the mind matters most.

Smiler – The Smilinggg Camper provides James the perfect opportunity to spread the Smilinggg message far and wide, with every single day the possibility of positively impacting somebody. 

How often in your life has an article, a book or a meaningful quote shown up just at the right time? James hopes Smiler - The Smilinggg Camper can play its part in reaching those who are at a point in their lives where they are receptive to trying new things in an attempt to bring more joy and happiness into their lives.

The Short but Sweet Story 

On Friday 28th July 2017, James collected this fully converted white 2009 Volkswagen Transporter from the team at Camper King in Warwickshire. All that was missing was a little splash of colour and a few smiles.

Fast forward one month later to Friday 25th August 2017 and the chaps at Demon Skinz in Crowborough gave the camper its Smilinggg makeover.   

Smilinggg Van JC

Smilinggg Van JC

"I have learned that even the smallest house can be a home." ~ Henry David Thoreau 

The final task was to turn the 'house' into a 'home', so an afternoon at Ikea in Lakeside for James and his mum helped put the finishing touches to the living quarters.


If you happen to see Smiler - The Smilinggg Camper, be sure to snap a photo and send it to